3 Wheels Y Fliker Wiggle Scooter details

  • Polyurethane Wheel material
  • Alloy Steel Frame Material
  • 4-way height-adjustable handlebar
  • Simply Foldable and Portable

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The triangular structure of the 3 Wheels Y Fliker Wiggle Scooter avoids the risk of rollover. Stability and security have won children’s trust. The three-wheel design enables children of all skill levels to ride without problems. The pedal scooter is suitable for children from 3-12 years, Suitable for the height 75-140 cm, under 60 kg.

The rear wheels of this 3 Wheels Y Fliker Wiggle Scooter are widened and have sensitive brakes to replace the two smaller rear wheels, which makes driving smoother and safer. The scooter is made of an aluminum alloy and has a better load capacity. 3 seconds quick disassembly design allows the children’s scooter to fold to a handy pack size and also this makes the scooter easy to transport during a trip. The children’s scooter is a good companion for your child to go out to play with.

Features of 3 Wheels Y Fliker Wiggle Scooter:

  1.  Polyurethane Wheel material
  2.  Alloy Steel Frame Material
  3.  4-way height-adjustable handlebar
  4. Simply Foldable and Portable

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