Space PL-665 Pulse Wireless Active Earphones


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  • Truly Wireless
  • Featuring true wireless connectivity, the latest entrant to our flagship Pulse Wireless Active Earphones Series is here. Gone are the days when you had to compromise on quality because of high prices. Not anymore. Pulse Wireless Active Earphones [PL-655] take on your music needs with absolutely no wires. Lightweight Yet Powerful
  • Fed up of using heavyweight earphones which leave your ears numb after you take them off? It’s time to make the switch to our lightweight yet powerful Pulse Wireless Active Earphones. Honestly, at times, you won’t even feel them on your ears if it wasn’t for the earphones’ rich, deep sound. Ear-Hook Secure Fit
  • Allows you to securely fit the earphones pair around your ears so you can carry on with your exercise or day to day activity without having them constantly falling out. Touch Control
  • Equipped with onboard touch sensors, the Pulse Wireless Active Earphones allow users to conveniently control music and take calls. Siri Supported
  • A bonus point for all iPhone users out there – the Pulse Wireless Active Earphones are Siri supported. Tell them what to do and your wish will be fulfilled. Be your own boss and live every moment without interruption.
  • Truly WirelessLightweight Yet PowerfulEar-Hook Secure Fit

    Touch Control

    Siri Supported


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