Off Road Rock Climbing Stunt Car

Off Road Rock Climbing Stunt Car


  • Model- 11626
  • Function- Forward, & Backward
  • Turns Left & Right
  • One key Deformation
  • Climbing Stunt
  • Multi-Directional Drift Demonstration
  • 4G System
  • Light and Music
  • Brilliant lights
  • Wristwatch control


This toy is a thrilling trip that your youngsters will enjoy to the fullest. Off Road Rock Climbing Stunt Car is a blue stunt car that is one of the most popular among children. It allows them to play with it both inside and outside their home. With the use of a wristwatch controller, it is simple to operate. They can move it forward, backward, left, right, and halt it if necessary.

Furthermore, the car for stunts has a lot of turning flexibility, a lot of speed, and it even includes turnable headlights. It may be easily moved around the house by the kids without causing any damage. Moreover, this automobile also boasts outstanding durability. Since it holds up well after numerous spins and collisions and can be driven for a long period. Off Road Rock Climbing Stunt Car will undoubtedly provide them with hours of fun and amusement. While they are running around the house with their friends and siblings, playing with this great toy racing car.

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