MDH3 Panasonic Price in Pakistan


  • Optical zoom up to 20x
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Built-in 300 Lux Video light
  • Zoom focus Iris white balance
  • Screen with 460,00 pixels resolution
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Are you looking for the best camcorder out there? Introducing the MDH3 Panasonic! All filmmakers should go crazy right about now because an incredible camcorder, used to specifically shoot videos, is finally here. The MDH3 Panasonic is mostly used for professional shooting.

It helps capture superb low-light shots with a large MOS sensor and built-in LED light. Having a Shoulder-mount design for maintaining stability. Pro-level functions, such as a Dual SD card slot and manual ring also boost your shooting potential. Also, it has Two picture quality settings.

You can either choose the Sharp setting or the Standard setting. A built-in LED light is one of the best features of this camcorder. The LED light is extremely bright (300 lx at 1 meter). This makes the camera a reliable shooting gadget in dimly lit places.

With the Dual SD CARD SLOT, simultaneously we can save the recording into both cards. When the first card reaches its full capacity, it will automatically switch to the second card, therefore not messing the recording the optical 20x zoom lens covers the range from 29.5mm wide-angle to 612mm by a 4-drive lens system.

NexGen brings you the Panasonic MDH3 for the lowest price in Pakistan! Make sure you surf around the website to find more awesome appliances for the extremely low processes!


  • The Panasonic MDH3 is built for professional shooting.
  • Brilliant videos can be recorded in very dim, low light.
  • With the shoulder mount design, a well-balanced with a good grip video can be shot.
  • Two settings of picture tone are also available: Standard and Sharp.
  • There is a built-in LED light allowing you to take high-resolution videos, even in dim lights.
  • A dual SD card slot is available to allow the user to take very long videos, without having the hassle of changing the card after every few hours.
  • An optical zoom of 20x helps cover the range of 29.5mm wide-angel to 612mm tele by a 4-drive lens system.


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