52mm Universal Rubber Camera Lens Hood

52mm Universal Rubber Camera Lens Hood


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Lens hoods block side glare and augment the protection provided by filters to the lens surface and ring.
Fit All Lens with Filter Thread.
There is a durable metal filter thread on this hood.
To install it, simply screw it on your lens.
Fit all lens with filter thread from Nikon Canon Sigma Tamron Minolta Olympus.
With the front filter thread, you can still use other filters along with this hood.
One hood for different lens
Just need to carry one hood for different lens of the same filter size.
Collapsible & Adjustable Hood Length
Can be collapsed into 3 styles for adjusting hood’s length.
Extend it for telephoto shooting.
Collapse it for wide angle shooting.
Hood made of high quality rubber which can be collapsed easily.
Easy to Carry
Can be collapsed for easy storage and carrying.
Rubber hood is more resistant to impact and less likely to be broken.


Package Included:

1 x 52mm Universal Rubber Lens Hood for Wide & Tele Focus & Standard


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