Nylon Notebook Business Laptop Backpack Bag


  • Reasonable size
  • Handle bearing strength
  • Thick pull head
  • Scratch & water-resistant
  • Available in three colors: grey, blue, and red
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The new Nylon Notebook Business Laptop Backpack Bag is sleek, functional, and super cool. The Notebook Backpack looks nothing like the bulky your parents wore in college. You will get to experience a moment of Zen because of the clean and unfuzzy look this bag brings. You can be fighting for a seat on the train, catching an 8 am class, or rushing to the airport, but you will still look calm, organized, and stylish. When it comes to laptop bags, gee-chic is the way to go! Just ask Kanye West and Ryan Reynolds!

The Nylon Notebook Business Laptop Backpack Bag is the best choice for everyday essentials. You will get lots of space for your gear. This bag can hold up to 8 shirts, 2 pants, 1 jacket, 13 A-4 textbooks, and a 16-inches laptop! You also get enough padding to protect your laptop. No bumps or collisions will damage any products placed in the backpack. Your shoulders and back will also be at ease because of the comfortable paddings in the shoulder pads. Whether for school, work, or traveling, carrying your stuff around has never looked better!

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  • This backpack has a reasonable size allowing you to easily store everyday essentials.
  • You will be able to carry the bag around for as long as you need because of the S-type comfort body straps.
  • The bag is scratch and water-resistant keeping all your belongings safe.
  • You can also carry the bag from the top strap without worrying about any ripping because of the handle-bearing strength.
  • It also has a thick pull head to allow easy and comfortable zipping.



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