Nikon Professional 7 in 1 Lens Cleaning Kit


• Power Blower
• Cleaning Cloth
• Brush
• Cleaning Liquid
• Cleaning Swabs
• Lens Cleaning Tissues

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With expensive equipment like cameras and you have to make sure that you clean them regularly and keep them shining. This Nikon Professional 7 in 1 Lens Cleaning Kit makes sure that you have adequate equipment to clean your camera kit. If your lungs are dirty then the videos and pictures that you will be taking will also not come good. This cleaning kit makes sure that your lands are always shining and that your shorts have the best picture quality. With this, you do not have to worry about getting any new other products biscuit has everything you will need. Additionally, Nikon Professional 7 in 1 Lens Cleaning Kit comes with a fiber blower, cleaning cloth, brush, cleaning liquid, cleaning swabs, and lens cleaning tissues. Check out the NexGen website and find additional camera equipment and many other products. NexGen has the most comprehensive listing of products on its website.


  • Generate a powerful air stream to blow dust away from the lenses and camera body.
  • Remove small grease and oil smudges from the lens surface.
  • Brush away the dust.
  • Super clean cleaning liquid, it is multifunctional cleaning tools, designed for lens and LCD, also, glasses, binoculars and other photographic glass to make them clean and flesh.
  • Used to clean the sensor.
  • Used to clean the surface of the lens without scratching the surface.


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