Multynet AMT1300 juicer blender


  • Shake Blender 100ml
  • Overheat Protection with Circuit breaker
  • Strong Stainless-Steel Blade
  • Power saving motor
  • Easy cleaning
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All in all, in the kitchen we need fast blending tools to make accurate mixing possible. Therefore, Multynet AMT1300 juicer and blender are an ideal choice. This set comes with a dry miller to bring more ease to work. Now, you can blend a bunch of items shortly. Because sharp stainless-steel blades do everything in the blink of an eye. Besides, a dry miller works more robustly to grind and mix solid items.

So, use this Multynet AMT1300 juicer blender carefree in the kitchen every time because the circuit breaker protects the motor from big damage due to overheating. If you also want to make kitchen work simpler then grab this duet from the NexGen shop.

Undoubtedly, you get premium gadgets from NexGen at a low cost. We promise to deliver fast as you choose your demands. Nexgen understands that online shopping in Pakistan comes with its fair share of risks. International products and local convenience come together with Nexgen. Nexgen does not just cater to online shopping in Pakistan but also aims to simplify the way you give back to society.


Model/series AMT1300
Color White
Power source Electric
Motor size 8820
Shake Blender 100 ml
Housing Stainless steel

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Emaan Gee

    3 in one juicer Blender…..wonderfull product

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