Manual juicer Machine price in Pakistan


  • Plastic and stainless-steel manufacturing
  • Fine filter and pour design
  • Stable base for comfier operation
  • Easy cleaning
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Now, you can enjoy fresh juices even in the absence of an electric juicer because a Manual juicer machine replaces it. Quality stainless steel squeezing manual juicer machine price in Pakistan is affordable. Easy operation and grip allow users to squeeze fruit comfortably. The machine is ergonomically designed to hold fruits in the cup between the squeezing handles. Moreover, the filter for pouring consistent and fibers free juice has an amazing design and insertion. Besides, the pouring nozzle makes pouring in the glass safe and accurate.

Like simple design, the operation of the machine is quite easy. Put pieces of orange, lemon, grapes, and mango in the cup and rotate the handle. In seconds, you get a glassful extract of fresh fruits. Additionally, you don’t need to put much strain on your wrists. The stable base of the manual juicer machine provides comfort while extracting fresh juice. Hygiene is the primary health parameter, so wash this manual juicer regularly after you use it. If you are not happy with a large electric juicer, buy a manual juicer.

Above all, the manual juicer machine price in Pakistan is the best. Buy this premium and durable juicer machine online. NexGen online shop, the biggest seller of kitchen and home appliances brings a variety of juicers at a low cost. Choose the NexGen, and equip your kitchen with quality and instant food processing tools and machines.


Product Manual juicer machine
Material Plastic and steel
Size 32 x 25 x 12 cm
Weight 500 g


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