• Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED Digital Display
  • Repeat Audio Effect
  • Echo Effect
  • Aux input
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The IQRA Q-20 (1.0 PORTABLE SPEAKER) is the best choice if you are looking for a compact and portable speaker to take with you everywhere. This is a 1.0 portable speaker with a headgear mic included. You can host parties and have karaoke nights because of the wireless mic.

The IQRA Q-20 (1.0 PORTABLE SPEAKER) will be able to cater to all your needs because of the multiple features that come with them. The IQRA Q – 20 has a delayed audio effect that records an input signal then playbacks and creates a beautiful sound.

You can also all and control the repetition of your voice because of the Repeat Audio Effect. You can also experience the Echo Sound Effect because of the cool new feature.

The LED Digital Display allows the users to read the functions off of a screen and help them use the device easily. You can connect your phone with an AUX input. A built-in FM radio is also available in the speakers. You can also use the Live Recording Function which is included in the device. The output power of 8W is a part of the speakers too.

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  • You can use the speakers to their full extent because of the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The users can easily read the functions off of a screen because of the LED Digital Display.
  • Functions like Repeat Audio Effect and Delay Audio Effect are also part of the device.
  • You can host karaoke nights with the help of the karaoke port available in the speakers.
  • There is a wireless remote control in the package to ease the comfort of changing functions for you.
  • You can connect other devices too because of the USB and TF Card supporting.


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