Hand carry travel bag for women


  • Unique base structure
  • Soft carry handle
  • TSA-approved lock
  • Spinners for ease of moves


The Hand-carry travel bag for women is perfect for shorter and medium-length trips for women. The handbag is equipped with an extendable spinner and pockets.

Category  Carry travel bag
Lock ·
Spinner ·
Structure Hard type
Inner Foam
Reliability ·

Main description:

The hand-carry travel bag for women is an expandable, hard-sided carry-on bag that is ultra-durable and ultra-light. The expendable hard side spinner is designed to maximize storage and make you tension free from short luggage storage. Additional exterior features help to protect the bag from wear and tear, including the shell’s extended surface which helps to reduce visible scratching or scuff marks. It contains TSA- an approved lock that protects your content and allows authorities to unlock and relock the suitcase without damage.

The ultra-durable, ultra-lightweight polycarbonate shell protects contents while resisting, cracking, or splitting. If you are tired of carrying heavy and huge size luggage, then congratulations to you, This bag reduces the size and weight of your luggage and is easy to carry on one hand. Its cleaning is very simple, you can clean it with water.  The unique base structure of the Hand-carry travel bag for women with the latest design for women will give you a vibe. We have new stylish handbags, click here for more new and latest handbags online in Pakistan.

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