Canon LC-E8 Charger


  • Battery charger unit for Canon battery pack LC-E8
  • Includes UK power adaptor
  • Voltage AC 100-240 Volt for worldwide use
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This is a handy product that helps you stay on top of your work goals. This Canon LC-E8 Charger enables you to charge your device on the go. As a result, you’ll be able to connect your devices wherever you go instantly. Additionally, this device removes the clutter that comes with hauling a hundred different cables. On top of the goods, you need to move to make your car into a jumbled mass of wires in your backpack, making it difficult to remove any of them.

Furthermore, it takes about 120 minutes for the Canon LC-E8 Charger to charge an LC-E8 battery pack completely. Batteries provide your digital camera the most power. Lithium-Ion technology is used in all current EOS models’ batteries, giving you more battery life and eliminating the memory effect. They also keep their charging for long periods when not in use. NexGen has a tonne of new tech gadgets, which you can check out on their website today!

Nexgen understands that online shopping in Pakistan comes with its fair share of risks. International products and local convenience come together with Nexgen. Nexgen does not just cater to online shopping in Pakistan but also aims to simplify the way you give back to society. We’re proud to be working with some of the most prestigious organizations in Pakistan across a number of different industries.


  • Height 1.1 inches Width 2.7 inches Depth 3.4 inches Weight 2.89oz
  • For Canon LP-E8 battery pack (EOS Rebel T2i or T4i digital cameras).
  • Charge from the standard electrical outlet.
  • Power requirements: 110-240VAC 50/60 Hz.


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