Boya MC2 Mic price in Pakistan


  • Excellent sound quality
  • 2 to 3 metres range
  • Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows
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This Boya MC2 is the perfect device to use for speaking in various settings. This can be used for talks or speeches in meetings, conferences, and lectures. In scenarios such as these, the speaker does not need to hold a microphone. This can also be used if you’re recording podcasts. Its design mode is fantastic for close-range pickup. It can easily be plugged in and then used.

There is no need for complicated installation. It has a thin and sleek design which makes it the best option in different areas. You do not have to plug in thick mics to get a clear and crisp sound, as this works like a charm. In meetings and conferences, you can easily plug it in on the desks without it being noticed.

You can take it anywhere in the world with you and you don’t have to worry about carrying large microphones all the time for your needs. Boya MC2’s price in Pakistan is listed on the NexGen website!

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 Features of Boya MC2: 

Polar pattern: condenser
 Frequency response: Super-cardioid
 Signal/Noise: 50Hz-20KHz
 Reception sensitivity: 300Ω
 Output Impedance: -47dB ±1dB / 0dB=1V/Pa,1KHz
 Power supply: USB (5V)
 Indicator light: Green
 Effective pickup distance: about 3m (10ft)



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