Best LED TV to buy in 2020

Best LED TV to buy in 2020

1) Samsung 8900 85-inch
This Latest version surpasses all of its predecessors with a great margin. The 8k resolution is the highest resolution exhibited so far on LED TVs. Along with the big 85 inch that makes the visual experience exceptional.
It possesses lots of features to keep you entertained. However, not everybody can afford it.
With great features and resolution comes to a great price.

2) Samsung Q90 75-inch
Samsung is still ruling the LED world by providing quality with tons of features. It has an 8k resolution with a 75-inch display to boost the entertainment experience.
The unprecedented HDR picture quality makes it one of the best options to go for. The bezel-less design and smooth display make it even more desirable. Moreover, it is well-designed and can be placed anywhere in your home.

3) Samsung 55-inch
If you are looking for something that is both cost-effective and enriched with high resolution, then this product might be it for you. It provides a splendid 4K resolution along with a 55-inch display.
It has amazing picture quality along with good local darkening support. This design might prove ideal for gamers as it supports both SDR and HDR.

4) Samsung 46-inch
Another great design for gamers as it possesses low info slack with high resolution. The 4k display, along with 46-inch, makes a good combination for a gaming set-up.
However, there is a downside to this model as while watching support, you might witness some on-screen haze.

5) Sony 55-inch LED TV
Sony is rivaling Samsung well in terms of picture display. The 8,000,000 pixels display allows you to have one of the best TV experiences.
The ability to render dim scenes, OLED flawless display, high resolution, and countless features make it one of the best options of LED in 2020.

6) Sony 65-inch LED TV
The HDR compatibility and 4k resolution provide a ravishing display. In addition to that, it is supported by voice control like Alexa or google assistant. The 65-inch display is more than enough to have a descriptive video experience. The only downside of this product is high-price.


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