Baseus SUZB-0G Ultra Thin folding


  • Support to use of the laptop.
  • Better ventilation of the laptop bottom.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Perfect fit for larger laptops up to 16’’.
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If you are always looking for the best work laptops for you and your team, we have the best product. This Baseus SUZB-0G Ultra Thin folding is the perfect work laptop that supports all your work-related issues and problems. You can use this laptop for work as it is sturdy and can connect to multiple outlets at a time. You can connect it with computers, hard drives, and many more devices with its USB ports and HDMI port.

It is an essential part of many modern offices where most of the work is being done on laptops. The best feature is its battery life which lasts for many hours. It enables you to get through tonnes of work and check your deadlines on time. You will not have to sit next to the charger all the time while working. You can take it anywhere and use it for various tasks due to its sleek design. Its battery is reliable and will get lots of your work done.

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Improvement in the comfort of laptop use

Thanks to the stand, you can set the laptop screen angle at eye level and you will not have to get uncomfortable at work or when watching films. It also relieves your wrists which have a stable support at the desktop.

Quick installation and multiple use

The stand is stable thanks to a self-adhesive layer. Glue does not damage the surface and wear out – you can clean it and use many times. Installation is simple and fast:

  1. Clean the laptop casing so that it is not greasy or dusty.
  2. Remove the protective stick from the stand and press it against the casing.
  3. Set the laptop on the stand in a suitable configuration.

Improved heat release from the laptop

Thanks to its small size, the stand does not disturb heat discharge or air circulation. It prevents equipment from overheat.


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