Audionic Alien Plus 2.0 Multimedia Speakers in Pakistan


  • Power output: 300W (P.M.P.O)
  • Power input: 12W (R.M.S.)
  • Frequency Responsive: 180Hz – 20Hz
  • Drive unite: 30mm
  • Technical specification impedance: 4ohms
  • Distortion: 0.3% 1W 1KHz
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The AUDIONIC ALIEN PLUS 2.0 MULTIMEDIA speakers are the best and cheapest choice for everyone. Their compact design helps users carry them around without any hassle. With power out of 300W and a power input of 12W, this speaker runs very smoothly. It gives you a dynamic frequency response of 18Hz – 20Hz. thus you enjoy every single beat of your favorite music.

These AUDIONIC ALIEN PLUS 2.0 MULTIMEDIA speakers provide the user the ease to adjust their device on the desk and enjoy its high-quality sound. Because it has very compact and elegant design. The Drive unit is 30mm, making it long-life durable, and committed. This Audionic speaker has lowest distortion rate of 0.3% 1W 1KH makes your day by giving you elegant sounds.


  • The power out is 300W (P.M.P.O.).
  • The power input is 12 W (R.M.S.).
  • You will be able to listen to endless radio and music with a responsive frequency of 18Hz – 20Hz.
  • You will also be able to leave out any distortions or other distractions because of the distortion rate being as low as o.3% 1W 1KHz.\


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