Apple Leather Cases for iPhone 11 Pro


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Apple has transcended traditional views on technology and design and has landed in a league of its own. Its new technology is stunning to look at and comes with a hefty price tag.  We have to clean and protect them from staying in fantastic shape for a long time to come. Apple products are a sight for sore eyes. However, they are also notorious for being outrageously expensive. This has always been the case for expensive technology. It is loaded with fantastic technology and new features. However, as it is expensive, You have to protect it to last as long as you need it.  If you decide to get the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, we have the perfect product.

These Apple leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro are the ideal product to adequately protect your iPhone 11 Pro. This case is especially for the iPhone 11 Pro with leather that fits the iPhone like a glove. This case will also protect your iPhone from the sun. So your phone does not discolor and protect it from crashes and falling with its soft all-around edges. A perfect leather accessory that does the job without ruining the design of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro perfectly complements the sleek design of the iPhone and gives your phone a new look and protection and the style that you have paid for! NexGen Shop has many Apple products and accessories to get for yourself or your loved ones as gifts for every occasion! Check the NexGen Shop for various cases made with leather and transparent designs, and choose one according to your style.


For the iPhone 11

Installing this case is easy and the fit is tight and secure.

Real Leather

This case is made of genuine cowhide leather. It will age well and develop a unique patina over time.


This is the perfect case if you want extra protection without adding too much bulk.


The perfect case for everyday scratch and drop protection. The leather texture adds an extra grip that helps you hold on to your iPhone better. The case covers all four corners of your phone. The volume and power buttons are covered.

Sophisticated minimalism

This is an understated and elegant case for people who like the beautiful Apple design. It’s a higher quality build than most leather cases on the market.

Easy to use

The precise cutouts make it easy to use with all chargers or headphone adapters. The open bottom allows for easy access to the charging port and docking functionality. It works with all screen protectors.


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